Telephone-Satellite-Bgan-Explorer-700 | Modem

Telephone-Satellite-Bgan-Explorer-700 | Modem
Kode Produk: Telephone-Satellite-Bgan-Explorer-700 | Modem
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EXPLORER ™ 700 is a mobile broadband satellite communications Terminal, next-generation maritime satellite for the Government, radio and other institutions to establish communication links to transfer information, suitable for frequent use of a high level logistics and media applications, outstanding benefit is to provide up to 492kbps in the BGAN network access. EXPLORER ™ 700 antenna with lightweight performance and good adaptation to the environment, can be used as single-user or multi-user terminal efficient, provide Internet access, e-mail, fax, telephone, video conferencing, IP data services, corporate network access, and so on.

Function characteristic:
Based on BGAN system supports both voice and data communications;
Single user or multiple users, maximum 492kbps of high speed data;
Support 32kbps,64Kbps,128Kbps,256kbps IP data services;
Seamless global coverage;
Standard LAN,USB, Bluetooth and phone/fax interfaces;
Built-in DHCP/NAT wireless router;
Built-in Web site, you can administer phone books, information, and telephone, are set to meet a variety of applications;
Solar Panel fed directly;
Separable compact antenna and host, host and antenna distance to 70 meters;
Portable, rugged structure;
Dampproof, dustproof, weather and temperature adaptability design;
Rapid movement and the demolition.
EXPLORER ™ 700 Terminal technical specifications:
Maximum rate: up 492 Kbps (share), down 492 Kbps (shared);
Streaming IP: 32kbps,64kbps,128kbps ,256kbps;
Size: 297x399x51mm;
Weight (including battery): 3.2 kg;
Environmental conditions:
Operating temperature:-25 ° c ~55 ° c (an external DC power supply), 0 ℃ ~55 ℃ (battery);
Terminal storage temperature:-40 ℃ ℃ (no batteries),-20 ° c ~60 ° c (batteries);
Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing (at 40 degrees c);
Waterproof and dustproof: IP-52 (hosts), IP-66 (antenna);
Maximum wind: 18m/s;
Lithium battery: 11.1V/4.4Ah, 36 hours standby (25 ℃), used at least 300 times;
Maximum emission time: 2.5 hours (144kbps), 1.5 hours (492kbps);
Maximum receive time: 3.5 hours (492kbps);
Charging time: 2.5 hour recharge temperature: 0 ° c ~45 ° c;
Storage temperature:-20 æ ~60 æ 1 month, 3 months-20 ~45, and ~20 1 year-20 ℃ ℃;
Power supply:
DC input range: 10V~32V DC;
Power consumption: standby mode 1.2W (standard), transfer mode 18W (standard), charging 65W (max);
Interface type: 2.5/5.5mm RAPC 712;
AC/DC adapter: input 100~240VAC,1.5A,47~63Hz, 19V DC output DC,65W;
Tel/fax interfaces: RJ-11;
ISDN interfaces: RJ-45, voice 4kbps, data 64Kbps;
LAN interfaces:
Interface types: RJ-45,MDI/MDI-X (IEEE 802.3 10/100Base t);
Cable: MAX 100 m in length (Cat5 unshielded twisted-pair cable), 10/100Mbps;
USB interface:
Version: 1.1 (Slave);
Interface type: b;
Maximum rate: 12 Mbps;
Maximum cable length: 5 meters;
WLAN standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g, frequency is 2.4GHz (802.11b/g) or 5GHz (802.11A);
Bluetooth interface:
Version: 1.2;
Standard: Power Class 1;
Outdoor maximum coverage: 100 m;
Number of connected devices: up to 7;
Support: cordless phones, serial ports, an integrated business, dial-up Internet access, LAN access;
Frequency: 2400.0~2483.5MHz;
Antenna: flat antenna/manual adjustment
Polarization: RHCP;
Inmarsat: launch: 1626.5 MHz~1660.5 MHz,
Receive: 1525.0MHz~1559.0MHz;
GPS:1575.42 MHz;
Solar panel interface:
Interface type: DC input;
Solar Panel type: amorphous silicon solar panel 12V, built-in power controller;
Maximum open circuit voltage: 32V;
Nominal voltage: 28V;
Nominal power: 35W~40W;
I/O interface:
Interface type: 1 TT31-203302-403,S2L SMT3.5/6/90G;
Features: 3 input/output;
Input: TTL-level, voltage 0~32V;
Output: Max 50mA voltage 0~32V;
Device configuration: host, antenna, battery, antenna cables, Ethernet cables, USB cable, AC-DC adapter, CDs, brochures.
Optional: Bluetooth handle, spare battery.

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